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Your way of eating is a big factor in keeping yourself fit. You should be mindful of what you eat. Experts also say that you should take note of when you eat. Lately, the low carb and intermittent fasting way of eating have been getting more popular. The low carb diet asks you to limit your carbohydrate intake within the day so say goodbye to bread, pasta, rice, root crops, most fruits, chocolates, and sweets. You should eat more protein-rich foods such as meat, eggs, and green leafy vegetables. Proponents of this way of eating say that foods rich in carbohydrates just leave you feeling hungry all the time whereas protein-rich foods make you feel full and supply you with the strength and energy that you need for the whole day. Most people who practice this way of eating combine it with intermittent fasting. This is another way of eating where there is an allotted time for feasting or eating the prescribed food and a longer time allotted for fasting to give your body the opportunity to burn the calories and stored fats. A person can choose between having one meal a day or two meals a day. The one meal a day way of eating gives you 2 hours to feast or eat as much of the recommended food as you would like to consume then for the remaining 22 hours, you fast. During fasting, you can only drink water, tea, or coffee. The two meals a day way of eating gives you 8 hours of feasting and 16 hours of fasting. Getting enough sleep during the fasting hours is also very important. Many people have sworn to the effectiveness of this way of eating especially for those trying to reduce weight. But as we always say here at My Strength for Life, choose a diet that you can really stick to, one that is suitable for your lifestyle.