In Strength for Life you will Discover…

1. Why today is the wrong day to start a fitness program! (p.38)

2. How to avoid the #1 Cause of Fitness Failure. (p.36)

3. How to get better results, faster in 33% less time than other transformations. (p.110)

4. A guide to creating your own ideal fitness lifestyle in week 13 and beyond. (p.169)

5. How to stop struggling and start enjoying every minute of your workouts. (p.146)

6. A simple way to reboot your body, mind and energy in 12 days! (p.35)

7. How to gain “nutritional freedom,” and never suffer through a diet again. (p.79)

8. How to create time every day by mastering your energy. (p.20)

9. What’s the most important appliance in your kitchen and how to use it. (p.103)

10. How to never, ever be out of shape again. (p.162)

11. How to ignite your flame of perpetual motivation. (p.172)