The Tricky Use of Partial Science to Promote Supplements

As you surely know by now, it’s a tricky world out there when it comes to supplements. So many products, so many smiling faces, so many sorts of science. But here is an example of how tricky it really is. Hell, you like to think this is a quote about science and that the science is science and science is good. Right?

Well, think again. You see, it’s simply selective science quoting. Re-framing or selectively editing the actual science review and then using “QUOTES” as if its’ what they said, verbatim. It is not. Thus, if you fall for this, you are a victim of a fraudulent claim.

Yes, I know, we all want the stuff to work. Yes, we men would love more TESTOSTERONE and all the muscle and stuff it brings. And yes, it’s possible to do something about boosting your T or recovering your TOP T-Levels but supplements are really just not showing up as effective. And that sucks because believe you, me, I’d love to be pouring in the bucks with one right now. It’s a freaking GOLD MINE for the hope is high and the money flowing in favor. But I simply can’t make myself do it. Try as I may to find something that works.

Hell, I discovered D-Aspartic Acid long before most the mainstream T-booster followers caught on to it. I was very hopeful. Then I tried it. Not good. And the more I searched, the more the science come out, the more obvious it became that it’s another failure. Fenugreek? Well, it’s not bad for you overall, so that’s good. But boost T? I think not.

I don’t mean to call out Mike here. He’s a damned good salesman even if he can’t pronounce some of the words on the teleprompter. But I saw this and just had to share. There’s a lot more of this in the video, I just shared this one scene. Hope he’s enjoying the money coming in. I would be.

Here’s a problem for you, the consumer though. Whom benefits from this reveal? Nope! Do they want this info on their site? No way man. Do any of the hundreds of affiliates that make a third of your money selling this product to their lists? Nope. Surely not. The fact is, the only one who wins with revealing this sort of info, is you. But you are just the ONE LITTLE guy. You are a faceless number. And the people in power need your money. So, when I share this, I am certain that my blackball status for support and cooperation with sink even further. Ultimately, it’s just gonna be you and me man. So, I hope you appreciate the facts.

If I were you, what I’d do when selecting supplements is:

1. Doubt everything as a step one policy.
2. Do some of my own research. No, not from “bro’s in the forum” — as they are paid players too. Most.
3. Visit credible people like and Suppversity to read what they have to say.
4. Find a real human you can trust and follow a simple, honest path with the basics that work.

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