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Here at My Strength for Life, we are your coach towards your fitness goal. You may or may not be involved in team sports but here is a glimpse of the role that coaches play as we motivate people under our care to become the best version of themselves.

Team sport is any kind of sport that involves two or more teams playing against each other. Common examples are basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, and hockey.  A team consists of players with different personalities, abilities, energy levels, and motivation.  It is a dynamic group of individuals who are assembled together to achieve a common goal and that is to win the game.  Somehow their abilities and personalities have to blend together, allowing each one to contribute to the success of the team.  This responsibility lies on the coach.  The coach also has the challenging task of bringing together all these different personalities and turning them from merely a group of individuals into a cohesive team.  It is like giving oars to a group of people and the coach has to ensure that they are all exerting their best effort to row towards the same direction.  However, it is not always easy.  Just like a boat in any given body of water, there are challenges that make rowing demanding.  Given that there are different personalities involved, there are bound to be clashes every now and then.  It is also a challenge to manage varying levels of motivation and energy day by day.  There are diverse factors that can affect their performance – season of the year, the location of the games, personal concerns, and confidence level. Even the coach himself or herself has to deal with individual matters that may affect his or her relationship with the team or how he or she performs the job at hand. But the coach has the essential task of enabling athletes to transcend these issues and to achieve performance levels to an extent that would not be possible if the players were left in their own endeavors. That is why we need coaches so that we can be on the right track towards greatness.