Now more than ever there is a growing interest in fitness and wellness programs. Maybe because our lifestyles have made us more sedentary and we need an activity to keep us moving. Or maybe because our environment and even the food that is available in the market have become unhealthy, making more people ill. Whatever it is, we say it is a good sign that people are supporting the fitness and wellness programs. More people are going to the gym, joining different fitness programs, being active in sports, or taking their time in the outdoors. Here at My Strength for Life, we truly believe in the importance of keeping one’s self fit and healthy.

We know the road to fitness is not easy. There are some members of our team who used to be obese and they share how hard it was to resist eating their favorite food which is mostly made of junk. They say you have to have the right mindset to overcome those temptations. Some of them say that there were times when they find it difficult to go to the gym and all they wanted to do was lay in bed and sleep all day. But what made them change their mind? They say to themselves that it is for their own good. If they love themselves, they will not do anything that would harm their body.

The basic reason to keep yourself fit is for you to be healthy so that you will not get sick. When you are sick, your body will suffer. But the deeper meaning to this really is that you want to live longer to be able to enjoy life and everything good that life has to offer. There are people who rely on you for their happiness so go ahead, be fit and fab!