The Best Thing About Eating Great is…

Tokyo-joes-great-foodThe best thing about eating great is… FEELING GREAT!

The better the food we eat the better we look and fee…  And the better the food we eat.

Eating well is self reinforcing. Except, when it’s not.

When it’s not, it’s not because the food is wrong or your body is wrong. It’s because you have been using food wrong–using food to cope.

Food is very commonly used to ease our anxiety which results of emotional pain. This, like all things, is not wrong. It is what is. It is the light of awareness, the bringing out attention into it, that shifts it.

And if we are choosing to release this need we will experience the resistance, the reconditioning of our wants and desires. Truly sort of a re-integration.

For when we remove that which has kept us at ease, that which has served us so well (side effects aside) for years, we will experience that which we have avoided.

That which we have avoided… AND the loss of our calming “medication.” In this case, food. Together, they are a potent cocktail to return to the “habit” of eating for ease.

Dieting is, at it’s ultimate root, the pitting of willpower against the programming a life time. As if you can bulldog your way thru this wired reality. And in this tug-of-war one actually strengthens the foe, the desires. Thus, you can “grin and bear it” for a while then all hell breaks loose and things seem–and usually are–much worse.

Choose not to resist the forces but recognize and embrace. Have compassion for the feelings that this served and both courage and compassion for the self that gets to feel this re-entry of sorts.

As you release these needs to medicate, face the buried feelings and you will find they were never as powerful when met head on than they feel when buried. With compassion and presence, little by little, the source of the imbalance fades away.

One day you wake up with no hidden compulsion, no inner enemy to fight and feel the resurgence of energy that your natural state when 40% of your daily energy is not engaged in a battle.

The war against food is over. You are free.

Here’s to eating for life and Nutritional Freedom which is it’s ground.

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  1. ANDREW BROWN September 27, 2015 at 2:14 pm #

    This is something I have struggled with most of my life. I really appreciate you taking the time to write something openly and honestly about a difficult subject. I will be coming back to this again while I process it. I never had the perspective to think that I could be strengthening my old self if I don’t accept the causes beneath the habit. Thanks Shawn.

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