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In Search of the Perfect “Get Fit” Breakfast

What is The Perfect Breakfast? I receive this question from someone, at least weekly. Do you have an answer? Honestly, I hope not. Why? As you likely discovered yourself if you tried to answer it, this is a incomplete question. It’s sort of like walking up a stranger in the street and asking, “Should I?” […]

3 Lifts You Absolutely Positively Should Stop Doing After 40 (And Probably Well Before)

Invincible. Yes, I was. I was strong, lean and could lift the world. Or so it seemed. The thing about invincible is it most always feels normal until you it’s gone then you in reflection you realize what you had. Like all humans, I too have experienced the burden of years on the body. Of […]

The Secret to Rapid Radical Transformation

He was beat down. Life had taken it’s toll. His business in debt, investor’s funds missing, it was a scandal and someone was going to jail. Broke and broken, it was the eve of Christmas as he sat pouring a whiskey into his dark, shaking soul. After years of struggling in a business he never […]

You Take Life Too Personally

You take life too personally. You do. Feel that desire to defend rising up in you? How dare I put that on you. Right? I mean, it’s not like I know. Or is it? I’m not talking to you—and I am. I’m talking to me, to the whole lot of us. Sure, there are a […]