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Dr. Admits Contempt for Obesity

Dr. Peter Attia is a brave, compassionate soul… Now, that is. In this TED Talk he admits something that few people, let alone doctors have the courage to do. He admits his bias, his contempt for obesity. Perhaps now you can see it in you. Sure, it’s not there or is it? It’s pretty subtle […]

Eating Fruit For Fat Loss

What did the orange, say to the banana and the apple? The Orange, “Squeeze me.” The Banana, “Peel me open.” The Apple: “Damn, you guys are needy!” Sorry…I couldn’t resist.  Now, to the question at hand: Fruit… Is it a healthy treat or kryptonite for fat loss? I see it almost every day on the […]

Can Water Consumption Help Lower Cancer Risk and Lose Weight?

“Drink 8-10 tall glasses of water a day.” Is this just an old myth? What’s the truth? Does ample water really affect your health, energy, vitality and even boost metabolism? Is it a fountain of youth or a source of unwanted toxins and bad hormones? I got to thinking—or re-thinking—my water discipline yesterday when I […]

10 Steps to Nutritional FREEDOM

Nutritional Freedom™ is the flip side of cravings, where you switch your focus from how a meal fills the void, quenches hunger, or satisfies cravings; to how it fulfills your true nutritional needs—elevating your mood, energy, and life. To release the dependence on food as a source of immediate gratification and begin to focus on […]