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A 30% Boost in Testosterone in 2 Minutes

In a world we’re men’s testosterone levels are down and their stress is up, there may be no single smarter, more honest, more reliable or quicker way to go from stressed and overwhelmed, to powerful, confident and on top–with what this study showed was a NET 30% gain in Testosterone levels in just 2 minutes. […]


Why Free-T Beats Total-T And What To Do About It

T for Testosterone is to man what the cream filling is to the Oreo. Without it, it’s not an Oreo at all. Okay, that’s an look at it but you have to admit it does make some sense. The point is pretty simple, and no doubt you’ve heard it more times than you can count […]

The Three Questions of a Man’s Life

There’s this great, thought-provoking book I’ve been reading to my son and now my daughter, called; The Three Questions. It’s a very well illustrated children’s adaptation of a story by the same name written by the famous Russian author, Leo Tolstoy. The Three Questions, first published in 1885 as part of the collection What Men […]