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The Most Valuable 3 Tools I Have Learned In The Last 20 Years For Navigating Business And Life Successfully

Life is the most interesting thing I’ve ever done. You know that feeling? One day you think you’re somebody important. The next, not so much. One day you feel like you’re winning, on top and next, it’s all a struggle. More than anything else, my years on this planet has helped me to develop gratitude […]

A Case for New Years Resolutions (Especially in Fitness)

In the week and some ahead you’re going to hear all manner of opinion about New Years Resolutions. Should you? would you? As one who’s been pretty vocal about my dislike for them, I present to you A Case FOR the New Years Resolution. In this video, this very nice and supremely rational sounding Dr. […]

The Cure for Fitness Kryptonite

Last week I sent a direct message to thousands asking… “What’s your kryptonite—what’s holding you back from your desired success?” The responses flowed in. Some very detailed, others simple and direct. “Energy! As in not enough.” “Time. Between work and kids…none.” “Discipline, stick to it, follow through, commitment…” They went on and on. You get […]

The Pareto Principle of Fitness (The 5% Fit)

Over the years I’ve had to come to grips with a disturbing fact of being the in “change” business. For years I resisted it, twisted it as I did not want to hear it. The shocking truth begins with the Pareto Principle. You know the Pareto Principle—also known as “the 80-20 rule.” It states that, […]