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The Great Master of Change… Has One Last Wish

Right at this very moment… Things are changing. School is back. Hints of fall are emerging. Football is kicking into gear. You can feel the ever present waves of change all around. If that were not enough, a great icon of change made the greatest change of all this week. Dr. Wayne Dyer, the acclaimed […]

The Essential Guide on How to Curl Over 40

In honor of my friend and podcasting co-host, Scott, in this day marking the last year of his 30’s—and my pal Big Dave Depew on the first day of his 40th year—I offer this quick reference guide for “How to curl over 40.” Curling, as all Crossfit’ers know is a complete vanity exercise. As I […]

3 Lifts You Absolutely Positively Should Stop Doing After 40 (And Probably Well Before)

Invincible. Yes, I was. I was strong, lean and could lift the world. Or so it seemed. The thing about invincible is it most always feels normal until you it’s gone then you in reflection you realize what you had. Like all humans, I too have experienced the burden of years on the body. Of […]

8 Year Old “Gold-Star Kid” Pays it Forward in Epic Gesture

In a world where it’s all to easy and common to witness how petty, greedy and selfish we humans can be; this is one of the most authentic, organic expressions of the hugeness of heart that is within us all. I first saw this story a few months back when it was on my favorite […]