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The Orgasm of Iron

Too many people endure too much suffering; doing painful, punishing workouts they abhor in hopes of getting the pay out of a lean, strong, desirable body. Stop suffering… Stop resisting (which is all mental/emotional) and go deep, go strong, and fall in love with every moment of training and let the results take care of […]

May I Buy You This Lunch?

This is my fresh, amazing, delicious nutritious lunch today. Sitting here, feeling the energy, appreciating the amazing food, the splendor of the moment, the stunning beauty of Colorado and thinking, “Damn, I’d like to share this.” Sure, I can send you my nourishing breakfast, my afternoon power and post ride strength-shake but this amazing Salad […]

Is the Dumbbell Training You?

There are two distinct ways of approaching the weights which make for remarkably different results: Cause and Effect. Most people allow the weights to define their workout. They lift the dumbbell first, allowing their bodies to react. In essence, they’re in Effect of the weight. Weights create resistance which in turn generates intensity in the […]

Triple Your Muscle and Strength

What Goes Up, Must Come… Yes, you got it… COME DOWN! Unfortunately, most people—conscious or not—are inclined to let gravity do most of the work just when it’s most important that you muscles be center-stage. That’s to say, we lift the weight with great might and focused intensity then pop a cool one, kick back […]