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Tapping Into Your Warrior Rage

Oh, to be Jens for a Day. A super-hero, rockstar, a great athlete…and I am drawn to unbridled rage of Jens Voigt—the cycling workman—a noble warrior, occasional victor and always raw and real. As I watch Jens on a solo break-away riding the USA Pro cycling race here in Colorado, pushing alone over the mountains […]

My Son and The Blessing of Food Allergies

This is my son, Nathaniel. He doesn’t enjoy a Full Strength daily like his dad has. He doesn’t eat eggs for breakfast or enjoy a glass of dairy milk for his growing bones. He’s never had a PBJ sandwich nor a Reeses peanut butter cup, a Hershey’s kiss, or anything that I knew as candy […]

The Best Breakfast for Weight Loss: Eggs, Oatmeal or…

Harvard professor, Dr. David Ludwig studied three groups of overweight children, feeding each group a breakfast with an identical number of calories.  The purpose of his research was to determine which breakfast would have the best, most weight-loss supportive, impact on eating the rest of the day. The three breakfasts : Instant oatmeal Steel Cut […]

The "Dirty Lens" Theory of Cravings

Food. Don’t you just love it? Why does it have to be so hard to love the right foods? To love foods that love us back? Here’s one sound theory that I’ve been studying on and sharing for many years. It speaks to the idea that maybe not all cravings you have are in your […]