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20 Epic Changes in Fitness in the 20 Years Since Body of Work Premiered (Part 2)

Here’s Part-2 of this fun 20 year reflection on fitness and nutrition life. Here’s PART 1 to read and enjoy first. 11. HIIT Hot -n- Heavy Cardio… I don’t need no stinking cardio. At least that’s what we all liked to believe two decades ago. Hell, we even swore it off publicly from time to […]

Women Love It

A page out of the Full Strength Owners Manual… a larger visual so you can see it. Click Here or the Image for Full Size Here is the Full Full Strength Story for your viewing pleasure… Grab a Box Now <<==

Advice I Gave Lance That Can Serve You Too

Face it, you like a good fight. We all do. No question Lance Armstrong does. For you, maybe it’s “that other” wing of politics, or that other team or a company that’s polluting the earth. Anger can be a powerful activator—but it can just as quickly work against you which is most often—insidiously—does. You see, […]