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20 Epic Changes in Fitness in the 20 Years Since Body of Work Premiered (Part 2)

Here’s Part-2 of this fun 20 year reflection on fitness and nutrition life. Here’s PART 1 to read and enjoy first. 11. HIIT Hot -n- Heavy Cardio… I don’t need no stinking cardio. At least that’s what we all liked to believe two decades ago. Hell, we even swore it off publicly from time to […]

Why “Slowly” is the Best Way to Build Muscle

Is one of your goals this year to add some LEAN MUSCLE? Please say, “Yes!” Muscle is, as my good friend Carl Lanore said recently, is Metabolic Currency. And yes, that means it’s pretty damned important. It’s the engine of youth. It keeps you thinner, stronger, younger… My Wish For You Hence, my wish for […]