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The Best Thing About Eating Great is…

The best thing about eating great is… FEELING GREAT! The better the food we eat the better we look and fee…  And the better the food we eat. Eating well is self reinforcing. Except, when it’s not. When it’s not, it’s not because the food is wrong or your body is wrong. It’s because you […]

I Hate When I Eat That! (A Confession of Food Regret)

Don’t you just hate when you have “food regret?” You know, when you eat something that started off as a reasonably good idea but by the time you’re on the last few bites you just feel like you’ve been used. It’s like some food chain just had a one night stand with you or at […]

10 Steps to Nutritional FREEDOM

Nutritional Freedom™ is the flip side of cravings, where you switch your focus from how a meal fills the void, quenches hunger, or satisfies cravings; to how it fulfills your true nutritional needs—elevating your mood, energy, and life. To release the dependence on food as a source of immediate gratification and begin to focus on […]

The Virtue of Exertion

Meditation isn’t the sitting yogi style, eyes closed, deep in stillness. Okay, it is but it isn’t exclusively. It’s really a state of presence, a quality of being-ness. It’s in the sitting as much as in the “chopping wood and carrying water.” As you may know, if you’ve read my books or been to an […]