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In Search of the Perfect “Get Fit” Breakfast

What is The Perfect Breakfast? I receive this question from someone, at least weekly. Do you have an answer? Honestly, I hope not. Why? As you likely discovered yourself if you tried to answer it, this is a incomplete question. It’s sort of like walking up a stranger in the street and asking, “Should I?” […]

Tapping Into Your Warrior Rage

Oh, to be Jens for a Day. A super-hero, rockstar, a great athlete…and I am drawn to unbridled rage of Jens Voigt—the cycling workman—a noble warrior, occasional victor and always raw and real. As I watch Jens on a solo break-away riding the USA Pro cycling race here in Colorado, pushing alone over the mountains […]

YOUR Nutrient Deficieny May Harm Your Children? | Omega-3 Study

You eat well, you “try” to take care of yourself but reasonable chance you’re nutrient deficient in a few things. Sounds about right for a lot of us busy, working, driven folks. Right. Ah, but nutrient deficient… what’s the worst thing that could happen? I’ll get a headache, I’ll find out I was when something […]

My Son and The Blessing of Food Allergies

This is my son, Nathaniel. He doesn’t enjoy a Full Strength daily like his dad has. He doesn’t eat eggs for breakfast or enjoy a glass of dairy milk for his growing bones. He’s never had a PBJ sandwich nor a Reeses peanut butter cup, a Hershey’s kiss, or anything that I knew as candy […]