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How to Overcome Resistance and Fall in Love With Weight Training

Do This When You Think Your Motivation is Failing When I say training, in this case, I am going to take you straight into the mouth of the lion—the most commonly resisted, disliked, despised mode of training there may be on earth: Iron. Yep, good ol’ muscle building weight training. I’m talking about that archaic […]

The Essential Guide on How to Curl Over 40

In honor of my friend and podcasting co-host, Scott, in this day marking the last year of his 30’s—and my pal Big Dave Depew on the first day of his 40th year—I offer this quick reference guide for “How to curl over 40.” Curling, as all Crossfit’ers know is a complete vanity exercise. As I […]

Nostradamus: “The Future of Fitness Will Arise from It’s Past”

One day, in the not too distant future, a young man—after many years of Crossfi, bodyweight pulls and pushes, kettlebell swinging, TRX’ing, P199x’ing—will trip over an archaic fitness contraption at a garage sale. This odd, unfamiliar object will seize his attention. Weird…Odd but totally captivating. Next to it, in a pile he finds a “how […]

Tapping Into Your Warrior Rage

Oh, to be Jens for a Day. A super-hero, rockstar, a great athlete…and I am drawn to unbridled rage of Jens Voigt—the cycling workman—a noble warrior, occasional victor and always raw and real. As I watch Jens on a solo break-away riding the USA Pro cycling race here in Colorado, pushing alone over the mountains […]