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In Search of the Perfect “Get Fit” Breakfast

What is The Perfect Breakfast? I receive this question from someone, at least weekly. Do you have an answer? Honestly, I hope not. Why? As you likely discovered yourself if you tried to answer it, this is a incomplete question. It’s sort of like walking up a stranger in the street and asking, “Should I?” […]

Nostradamus: “The Future of Fitness Will Arise from It’s Past”

One day, in the not too distant future, a young man—after many years of Crossfi, bodyweight pulls and pushes, kettlebell swinging, TRX’ing, P199x’ing—will trip over an archaic fitness contraption at a garage sale. This odd, unfamiliar object will seize his attention. Weird…Odd but totally captivating. Next to it, in a pile he finds a “how […]

Your Life is a Reflection of Your State of Mind

Life is but a reflection of your thoughts. Your mind is either vast, open, present, still, and strong… your thoughts flowing by with ease of light clouds or chaotic, trapped, unsettled, dark, craving and storming…always ready to unleash your lightning. The choice is yours. No others’. The world does not dictate your state of mind, […]

Find Your Zen in the Storm

Life is anything but neat and tidy. (Of course, if your life does seem neat and tidy consider this warning that you may be missing something very important.) There’s always a storm brewing or happening. The longer you live the more often you’ll say (out loud), “Wow! Didn’t see that coming.” Or, “Never thought that’d […]