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Fitness To The 4th Dimension

Most fitness and transformation programs fail, right where they begin; on the ground floor: Your body. In a moment you will understand why changing your body in search of sustainable fitness—a lifestyle—is like putting your hand in a bucket of water; pulling it out, and expecting a hole to remain. Fitness seems very much like […]

How I’m Beating the Stress That’s Trying to Beat Me

Life can be a bake sale or an ass-beating. And as it rolls mine is feeling more along lines of the ass-beating right now. To put it bluntly I’m f%$*#ng stressed! More than one (two or three) things are not bending in my favor at the moment. Of course, as with any “dis-ease” you can […]

The Zen of The Zone

Just minutes before they would storm the field in what was to be a championship locker-room, the players had reached their peak pre-game state. Romonowski was wide-eyed and frothing like a rabid dog, “Stink” Schlereth was tossing his lunch in the nearest trashcan and Elway was just beginning to look like he might wake-up in […]