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Nostradamus: “The Future of Fitness Will Arise from It’s Past”

One day, in the not too distant future, a young man—after many years of Crossfi, bodyweight pulls and pushes, kettlebell swinging, TRX’ing, P199x’ing—will trip over an archaic fitness contraption at a garage sale. This odd, unfamiliar object will seize his attention. Weird…Odd but totally captivating. Next to it, in a pile he finds a “how […]

The Three Questions of a Man’s Life

There’s this great, thought-provoking book I’ve been reading to my son and now my daughter, called; The Three Questions. It’s a very well illustrated children’s adaptation of a story by the same name written by the famous Russian author, Leo Tolstoy. The Three Questions, first published in 1885 as part of the collection What Men […]

Meditation Made Easy Enhances Training, Speeds Recovery and Boosts Muscle

Meditation…Come on, everyone’s doing it! The mere mention of it can trigger violent resistance in many high-achievers. I can hear the collective, “ugggghhhhh….,” now. “I’m already challenged with finding the time to train, who the hell’s got the time to just sit every day?” If you’re not meditating you’re likely mistaken as to what meditation […]

May I Buy You This Lunch?

This is my fresh, amazing, delicious nutritious lunch today. Sitting here, feeling the energy, appreciating the amazing food, the splendor of the moment, the stunning beauty of Colorado and thinking, “Damn, I’d like to share this.” Sure, I can send you my nourishing breakfast, my afternoon power and post ride strength-shake but this amazing Salad […]