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10 Things You Never Hear Guys Over 40 Say

Sometimes in the midst of the crazy which is life funny things come into my head. Usually, I just mumble them to myself and forget to share my own comic relief. Well, let this not be one of those times and perhaps a turning point to just letting you in on the cosmic joke. 1. […]

11 Steps To Unstoppable Confidence : The Key to Getting More of What You Want With Less Effort and Resistance

Confidence is a tricky bitch. Yours, in abundance, one minute no more than an echo the next. When you’ve got it life makes sense. You feel as you should. When absent nothing you find yourself out of place and ill at ease. Confidence. We covet it but but what is it really? Where does it […]

The Most Valuable 3 Tools I Have Learned In The Last 20 Years For Navigating Business And Life Successfully

Life is the most interesting thing I’ve ever done. You know that feeling? One day you think you’re somebody important. The next, not so much. One day you feel like you’re winning, on top and next, it’s all a struggle. More than anything else, my years on this planet has helped me to develop gratitude […]

Mr. Over 40…You Didn’t Quit, Fitness Did

You were an athlete. Even if not everyone remembers that fact, you do. You enjoyed an active life and stayed fit. You didn’t have to be a trainer or something to keep it all working for you. Then, in a sudden shift, you’re dragging around more pounds than ever–pounds unwilling to accept your invitation to […]