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The Great Master of Change… Has One Last Wish

Right at this very moment… Things are changing. School is back. Hints of fall are emerging. Football is kicking into gear. You can feel the ever present waves of change all around. If that were not enough, a great icon of change made the greatest change of all this week. Dr. Wayne Dyer, the acclaimed […]

The Secret to Rapid Radical Transformation

He was beat down. Life had taken it’s toll. His business in debt, investor’s funds missing, it was a scandal and someone was going to jail. Broke and broken, it was the eve of Christmas as he sat pouring a whiskey into his dark, shaking soul. After years of struggling in a business he never […]

Your Life is a Reflection of Your State of Mind

Life is but a reflection of your thoughts. Your mind is either vast, open, present, still, and strong… your thoughts flowing by with ease of light clouds or chaotic, trapped, unsettled, dark, craving and storming…always ready to unleash your lightning. The choice is yours. No others’. The world does not dictate your state of mind, […]

Find Your Zen in the Storm

Life is anything but neat and tidy. (Of course, if your life does seem neat and tidy consider this warning that you may be missing something very important.) There’s always a storm brewing or happening. The longer you live the more often you’ll say (out loud), “Wow! Didn’t see that coming.” Or, “Never thought that’d […]