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A Deep Bow to the Master: Iron

A buddy of mine just completed 20 years of Shaolin kung fu practice. Yep, practice that’s what it is and that’s really super cool. Seriously, he’s got these totally boss uniforms that he wears with this impressive, Arabian like sword and giant stick that looks like it’d totally kick-ass. I mean, seriously this is some […]

Nostradamus: “The Future of Fitness Will Arise from It’s Past”

One day, in the not too distant future, a young man—after many years of Crossfi, bodyweight pulls and pushes, kettlebell swinging, TRX’ing, P199x’ing—will trip over an archaic fitness contraption at a garage sale. This odd, unfamiliar object will seize his attention. Weird…Odd but totally captivating. Next to it, in a pile he finds a “how […]

Here's to the Strength of Moms

Wishing my Mom and my children’s mom, Angie, and all the amazing, giving mothers in the world…. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! A few memories for Mom’s Day