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The Great Master of Change… Has One Last Wish

Right at this very moment… Things are changing. School is back. Hints of fall are emerging. Football is kicking into gear. You can feel the ever present waves of change all around. If that were not enough, a great icon of change made the greatest change of all this week. Dr. Wayne Dyer, the acclaimed […]

How I’m Beating the Stress That’s Trying to Beat Me

Life can be a bake sale or an ass-beating. And as it rolls mine is feeling more along lines of the ass-beating right now. To put it bluntly I’m f%$*#ng stressed! More than one (two or three) things are not bending in my favor at the moment. Of course, as with any “dis-ease” you can […]

5 Ways Full Strength Makes a Better Father

Fatherhood: Even if you are so unfortunate as to be President of the United States or achieve the dream job of Captain of the Starship Enterprise, there is arguably no more important role a man plays in his lifetime. Why? Says every man who’s without kids—be that by choice or timing or…Allow me to share. […]