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Not Too Cool For Old School

I admit it, there are times I wish I were cool too. If I were cool I’d be telling you all about my intense body-weight, muscle-blasting, jungle-gym workout and how I’m killing all the WOD’s in my Crossfit box. I’d be sporting those knee-high colored socks too with my shaved head, scraggly long beard and […]

It’s How Muscle is Built

I have to tell ya, I’ve had a real revival as of late. A revival, a return, a re-discovery of a fundamental truth about building muscle. Over the years of training and writing about training I’ve found myself softening my position on the necessary nature of IRON. I’ve allowed people to “try other things” to […]

Henry Rollins: The ZEN of Strength

I love this quote from Henry Rollins. It’s like he read my mind, borrowed my experience, gave another voice to what I’ve been doing and preaching for 20 years. But I know he didn’t. What he did was describe the same experience that you, me, we all have access to if we learn to or […]

The Orgasm of Iron

Too many people endure too much suffering; doing painful, punishing workouts they abhor in hopes of getting the pay out of a lean, strong, desirable body. Stop suffering… Stop resisting (which is all mental/emotional) and go deep, go strong, and fall in love with every moment of training and let the results take care of […]