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This is Water | Why Meditate

This is Water. I love the story this video/speech opens with it. It’s a classic I’ve used often. What I love most about this video is, for me, it answers the question: Why meditate. People ask me all the time, “Why? Why would I want to sit…?” Here’s my answer. It’s this simple. To see… […]

5 Ways Full Strength Makes a Better Father

Fatherhood: Even if you are so unfortunate as to be President of the United States or achieve the dream job of Captain of the Starship Enterprise, there is arguably no more important role a man plays in his lifetime. Why? Says every man who’s without kids—be that by choice or timing or…Allow me to share. […]

Brief Workouts Build More Muscle in Men & Women Over 30

How’s your muscles? Yes, I said, “muscles.” All of them. You know I’m about Strength (with a capital “S”) and how it’s more than muscle. If you love muscle, energy or youth, this lesson is for you. Please don’t make this mistake that I’m seeing so many people make these days–don’t forget about the absolute […]