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A Case for New Years Resolutions (Especially in Fitness)

In the week and some ahead you’re going to hear all manner of opinion about New Years Resolutions. Should you? would you? As one who’s been pretty vocal about my dislike for them, I present to you A Case FOR the New Years Resolution. In this video, this very nice and supremely rational sounding Dr. […]

The What, How and Why of Living Fit and Strong (Braveheart Fitness Part II)

In part 1: The Braveheart Guide to Living Leaner, Stronger and Fit, we talked about the WHY: We talked about what propelled William Wallace (Braveheart) to overcome challenges that few men could fathom–an undeniable “why.” Fact is 80% of what we call the diet and fitness advice is focused on the “What.” The what to […]

How Your Before Photo is Keeping You Fat

What if it turns out your Before photos are stalling your Transformation, not igniting it? In the quest for your shiny new lean, fit Transformed body, the Before photo is your catalyst—a less than pleasant reality check that is gets you moving. Right? Getting the image in your head of “what I look like” out […]