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Umbrella Drinks and The Siren Song of Mediocrity

The daily busyness of life is endless. Awakened only by the occasional events, both good and bad. Through the haze of regret, you come to see the power of choice. There would be no clearly marked signs to a higher road—no break in the action of daily life that so fully occupies you. Stepping out […]

5 Reasons Why You Too Should Do The Thanksgiving Day Fast

Screw the silly Thanksgiving day diet tips! Save the fat bird, put down the spuds, step over the gravy, ditch the pie and pour yourself a tall, cool glass of water baby because you and I…are fasting for Thanksgiving! Fast! For Thanksgiving? WTF! You crazy man? Maybe or maybe I’m just crazy brilliant. Follow me […]

Foregiveness is a Gift You Give Yourself

I’ve been thinking about FORGIVENESS. Sure, in part because we all need some now and then. But for me, this topic came up around the Lance (yes, Armstrong) thingee. I kept hearing people say, “Lance needs to beg for forgiveness.” And that got me thinking: Who… just Who the *fuck* (small tribute to The Who […]

10 Steps to Nutritional FREEDOM

Nutritional Freedom™ is the flip side of cravings, where you switch your focus from how a meal fills the void, quenches hunger, or satisfies cravings; to how it fulfills your true nutritional needs—elevating your mood, energy, and life. To release the dependence on food as a source of immediate gratification and begin to focus on […]