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The Most Valuable 3 Tools I Have Learned In The Last 20 Years For Navigating Business And Life Successfully

Life is the most interesting thing I’ve ever done. You know that feeling? One day you think you’re somebody important. The next, not so much. One day you feel like you’re winning, on top and next, it’s all a struggle. More than anything else, my years on this planet has helped me to develop gratitude […]

The Great Master of Change… Has One Last Wish

Right at this very moment… Things are changing. School is back. Hints of fall are emerging. Football is kicking into gear. You can feel the ever present waves of change all around. If that were not enough, a great icon of change made the greatest change of all this week. Dr. Wayne Dyer, the acclaimed […]

ReBOOT Your Life with a New Operating System for a Man in the Middle

Happy New Year! Will it be? It’s truly your choice. Will this be the year that you make that change you’ve been trying not to think about for some years now? There is a small group of MEN whom I know will make this a year of real, powerful change. Men who will boldly step […]

About The 12 Day “Full Strength” ReBOOT

Post by FULL STRENGTH. Get in the 12 Day ReBOOT now and Turn it ON!