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20 Epic Changes in Fitness in the 20 Years Since Body of Work Premiered

It was the summer scared by the death of Princess Di that we wrapped work on what is still arguably the most inspirational fitness documentary of all time, Body of Work. By any calendar 20 years is a good chunk of time. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long until you find your VHS […]

7 Fitness Trends I See on The Rise

You’ve seen the 7 trends that blindsided me–the ones I simply missed. Now, here are 7 that you’ll find in various states of peaking. I hope there are a few that offer you insight and support your success. Here’s Part 1: The 7 Fitness Trends I did NOT See Coming 1. The Return of the […]

7 Fitness Trends I Didn’t See Coming 10 Years Ago

I’ve been “in fitness” since long before I could legally drive. To adequately age myself, let’s just say Arnold was still posing down when I got interested in muscle. Through the years I’ve been blessed to make a damn good living–much of the time–doing what I love. From the early ‘90’s and MET-Rx, through the […]