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11 Steps To Unstoppable Confidence : The Key to Getting More of What You Want With Less Effort and Resistance

Confidence is a tricky bitch. Yours, in abundance, one minute no more than an echo the next. When you’ve got it life makes sense. You feel as you should. When absent nothing you find yourself out of place and ill at ease. Confidence. We covet it but but what is it really? Where does it […]

Fitness To The 4th Dimension

Most fitness and transformation programs fail, right where they begin; on the ground floor: Your body. In a moment you will understand why changing your body in search of sustainable fitness—a lifestyle—is like putting your hand in a bucket of water; pulling it out, and expecting a hole to remain. Fitness seems very much like […]

How to Overcome Resistance and Fall in Love With Weight Training

Do This When You Think Your Motivation is Failing When I say training, in this case, I am going to take you straight into the mouth of the lion—the most commonly resisted, disliked, despised mode of training there may be on earth: Iron. Yep, good ol’ muscle building weight training. I’m talking about that archaic […]