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What Lance Armstrong Can Teach You About Fighting Fat

13 days removed from a then, 7th Tour De France victory, years before his gruesome fall from grace, on the patio of his Austin ranch; Lance and I talked about his future. This man who’d inspired millions in the battle against cancer was searching for a life after the bike. “The fight against cancer has […]

5 Reasons Why You Too Should Do The Thanksgiving Day Fast

Screw the silly Thanksgiving day diet tips! Save the fat bird, put down the spuds, step over the gravy, ditch the pie and pour yourself a tall, cool glass of water baby because you and I…are fasting for Thanksgiving! Fast! For Thanksgiving? WTF! You crazy man? Maybe or maybe I’m just crazy brilliant. Follow me […]

YOUR Nutrient Deficieny May Harm Your Children? | Omega-3 Study

You eat well, you “try” to take care of yourself but reasonable chance you’re nutrient deficient in a few things. Sounds about right for a lot of us busy, working, driven folks. Right. Ah, but nutrient deficient… what’s the worst thing that could happen? I’ll get a headache, I’ll find out I was when something […]

Dr. Admits Contempt for Obesity

Dr. Peter Attia is a brave, compassionate soul… Now, that is. In this TED Talk he admits something that few people, let alone doctors have the courage to do. He admits his bias, his contempt for obesity. Perhaps now you can see it in you. Sure, it’s not there or is it? It’s pretty subtle […]