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YOUR Nutrient Deficieny May Harm Your Children? | Omega-3 Study

You eat well, you “try” to take care of yourself but reasonable chance you’re nutrient deficient in a few things. Sounds about right for a lot of us busy, working, driven folks. Right. Ah, but nutrient deficient… what’s the worst thing that could happen? I’ll get a headache, I’ll find out I was when something […]

How I’m Beating the Stress That’s Trying to Beat Me

Life can be a bake sale or an ass-beating. And as it rolls mine is feeling more along lines of the ass-beating right now. To put it bluntly I’m f%$*#ng stressed! More than one (two or three) things are not bending in my favor at the moment. Of course, as with any “dis-ease” you can […]

Eating Fruit For Fat Loss

What did the orange, say to the banana and the apple? The Orange, “Squeeze me.” The Banana, “Peel me open.” The Apple: “Damn, you guys are needy!” Sorry…I couldn’t resist.  Now, to the question at hand: Fruit… Is it a healthy treat or kryptonite for fat loss? I see it almost every day on the […]

The Three Questions of a Man’s Life

There’s this great, thought-provoking book I’ve been reading to my son and now my daughter, called; The Three Questions. It’s a very well illustrated children’s adaptation of a story by the same name written by the famous Russian author, Leo Tolstoy. The Three Questions, first published in 1885 as part of the collection What Men […]