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The Excruciating Ecstasy of Hammering: 14 Reasons Why I LOVE Cycling

This has been an interesting summer. As my rock-star coach, Colin, once told me; “Interesting, is a word we use when we don’t want to say what we really mean.” That may be true. I’d rather not say. Let’s just say, for a myriad of reasons I’ve felt either apathetic or depressed. Hard to say […]

No Ordinary Jens: 3 Lessons on How to Win from the Back

I saw something so truly extraordinary today it moved me to tears. I mean something that comes along, at best, once in a life time. Yeah, I’m talking every-day super-hero stuff. I experienced the united, unbridled joy of a city, a state, a country and entire global community of cycling fans celebrating the truly extra-ordinary […]

The Most Certain Thing About Your Life

“Cycling is dangerous.” So is couch surfing but at least on a bike you get to feel the wind in your face. It’s a dreadful fact that life is dangerous. Chances are real good neither you nor I are going to make it out alive. (see poignant reminder video at bottom) You don’t wanna think […]

How to Avoid Suffering and Enjoy Every Moment of Your LIFE

Damn… that’s it! Screw the suffering stuff. Let’s you and me get us some joy and happiness… and a side of blueberry pancakes to go with it! Right? “The irony here is rich—for nothing ensures a life of suffering more than the desire to avoid it. For suffering isn’t real—it’s a label we give to […]