“Shawn bridges the worlds of strength training and spiritual practice. He offers a new paradigm for weight lifting as yogic practice… The thinking mans version of pumping iron.”
Rick Rubin, Co-Chairman, Columbia Records, Co-founder Def Jam Records, Grammy Award Winning Producer

“Strength for Life is a truly superb handbook of physical transformation, leading to a real life transformation. A novel and tremendously effective technique, Strength for Life is highly recommended!”

Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision

“If your body could lightly slap your face, look you in the eye and pour its heart out to you, I believe it would say something like, “Come on! I’m not just dangling here below your mind, I can help you more than you know. I want to be your Strength, your fortress and your temple!” Start construction now with Shawn Phillips’, “Strength for Life”, as your blueprint. A strong body is truly a magical and mystical place to live.”

Ed Kowalczyk, Lead Singer/Frontman/Guitarist/Songwriter, Live

“The first book to take you up to and through a 12-week Transformation, and beyond. It’s like finally receiving “the rest of the story.” In Week 13 and Beyond, you set yourself free for a lifetime of strength and fitness.”

Lynn Lingenfelter, Original (1997) Body-for-Life Co-Champion

“Today’s competitive business world requires a leader be of strong body and mindand Strength for Life shows you the way it’s the ultimate competitive edge.”

Rand Stagen, Founder Stagen Institute for Leadership

“This is hands-down the best health/fitness book I’ve read. Shawn’s packed “Strength for Life” with some incredible big Ideas–from differentiating health vs. strength and exercise vs. training to his ingenious Focus Intensity Training and gratitude muscle workouts–not to mention his Base Camp concept and guide to annual fitness planning that is nothing short of revolutionary for a lifetime of strength. I’m thrilled to get a look into the mind of one of the most focused, intense, and brilliant guys I know. I have no doubt this book will transform the lives of everyone who follows his sage advice.”

Brian Johnson, Founder of Zaadz.com and ThinkArete.com

“Why do I think this is the best book ever written about health and fitness? First, I know Shawn Phillips, and he’s a walking example of what he’s written here. What he’s written is doable, for anyone. Second, Shawn has been teaching people how to be fit for decades. Third, as a life-long fitness nut myself, I’ve seen scores of health and fitness systems, and I’ve never seen one so complete, so sensible–and so innovative. In his genius, Shawn has found a way to turn a fitness routine into nothing less than a deeply profound meditation–and as a meditation teacher, I don’t use that word lightly. If you want health–and, beyond that, what Shawn calls Strength (which is more than just strong muscles)–read this book. It will change your life.”

Bill Harris, Director, Centerpointe Research Institute, Creator of Holosync MeditationTtechnology, Author, Thresholds of the Mind

“Strength for Life makes Transforming your bodylean and strongfoolproof.”

Merril Hoge, NFL Veteran and ESPN Analyst

“A picture is worth a thousand words. If you would like to see strength and focus and dedication and clarity in one photo, look at the cover of the documentary Body of Work. It is a photo of countless hours of determination, direction and intelligent choices, caught in 1/100th of a second for eternity. You might think some historic sculptor created it from a block of marble, Not true….Shawn Phillips created it from his muscle and blood, the same kind of muscle and blood you and I have. Do you want to be in control of your Life? If you do, the answers are on the pages of Strength for Life. I’ve read it. It woke me up and reminded me of the difference in exercise and “training.” It reminded me of why we seek to be fit and the ultimate goal of our Lives.

“It’s an easy read and I urge you to read and re-read and read it again. It’s as if Shawn is talking directly to us. Today on the way to the gym I reviewed what I already knew and what I have learned from this book. Now my mind is right and my body is ready and so far every session has been more productive. Come join me for the next 12 days, 12 weeks, 12 months and let’s see what happens.”

Porter Freeman, 1997 Co-Champion Body for Life

“It does not matter if someone has been working out their entire lives, or if they are a beginner. Strength for Life is incredible. I love your approach of recharging your body and your mind, they are so connected. Your 5 Reboot Rules are concise and easy to follow and very powerful. Life changing! I have used your example of touching your biceps to demonstrate FIT with many of my friends and they all same the same thing, “Oh yeah wow!” You have really covered so much in this book weights, cardio, flexibility, diet, balance, mind, soul, stamina the list goes on and on. And you have done it in a way that is easy to comprehend and is very “user-friendly.”

Kassie Westmoreland, Eco-Pharmacist/CEO/Founder, BeWell Brands

“Strength for Life has a conversational warmth and connects with the concerns of the reader who need this information. It’s like having a chat with a friend who can be helpful but won’t try to do for you what you know, deep down, you have to do for yourself. The guiding nudges surely make it seem easier.”

Don Ardell, PhD, Author, High Level Wellness: An Alternative to Doctors, Drugs, and Disease

“Motivating and genuine, a true gift to the sport of personal improvement. Goes where Bodyfor-Life feared to tread by exposing the psychological details that will insure your Transformation success.

“Not just another exercise book, but a truly inspired work by an individual with a life-long commitment to physical and emotional strength. Shawn goes deeper into the psychology of physical improvement than any author to date.”

Ron Johnson, Founder, NutritionData.com

“Shawn shows you how to stop being a victim of food or even dieting and how to create an empowering, positive, life enhancing relationship with eating that will free you from dieting for life.

“If you want to break the cycle of being a victim to dieting, food, and the tyranny of the bathroom scale, Shawn offerings a compelling vision of what it means to be strong in life. In Strength for Life, he serves as a Catalyst and Facilitator for becoming a Creator of an empowering, positive, life enhancing and sustainable – relationship to eating and exercising (or should I say training). Thanks, Shawn, for modeling the way to vitality for us all!”

David Emerald, Author, The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)

“If your experience in the gym and on the track is anything like mine, you know that the hardest part of any regimen is the insidious mental resistance that sabotages us. Shawn Phillips’ Strength for Life is the best book I’ve ever read at fortifying us against those pernicious inner demons. Shawn gives us the mental, spiritual and technical tools to overcome our own self-defeating impulses. Strength for Life is a whole fresh preconception that takes training for mental and physical strength to the next level.”

Steven Pressfield, author of Gates of Fire and The War of Art

“Over the 10 years I have known Shawn, he has helped millions of people realize their fitness and health goals. “Strength for Life” represents the epitome of Shawn’s fervor, vast experience and devotion to helping people live life to the fullest though fitness.”

Jeffrey R. Stout, PhD, University of Oklahoma

“At this point I’ve spent, decades, experimenting with a wide range of fitness, diet and well-being programs. I’ve experienced modest, yet unremarkable results. After reading Strength for Life it dawned on me why I haven’t translated my previous efforts into significant improvements in form, function and power.

“I now recognize that sustained motivation has been the core missing element. At last I am beginning to sense a “stick-to-it-ness” that feels natural and unforced. Just do it? That’s always nice. Now I just want to do it! This sense of commitment is the outcome of encountering a comprehensive program that melds the gymnasium/academy with the dojo/zendo. I realize that the plan works for me because it engages all parts of me simultaneously. I’m actually exercising my physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual selves in concert. My gym rat’s training partner is my Buddha!

“The FIT model is not merely a combination of previous systems, but a fundamentally fresh and innovative plan for our times. I experience simplicity while taking pleasure in the benefits of rich detail. The overall program is highly structured while at the same time feels natural and organic. I’m inspired by how F.I.T brings mindfulness and focus to developing the fullness of the body-mind.

“Along with motivation for me, another huge bonus is the nutrition sensibility. At a time when the US is noted for obesity and eating contests, the common-sense nutritional principles FIT are timely in their appeal to a regenerative spirit of strength for modern men and women. It’s time to take back the plate! I’ve been sidetracked by a lot of fad diets over the years. They’ve offered temporary results, but don’t last. To actually feel strong, nourished and satisfied with an eating plan is a godsend!”

Bert Parlee, PhD, IntegralCoach.com

“Strength training is unsurpassed in its ability to create superbly sculpted muscles, increased balance, strength and stamina while losing unwanted body fat. Shawn Phillips has developed an outstanding, holistic program that will quickly enable you to achieve these goals regardless of age or current fitness level. His unique mind/body approach keeps you motivated from the start, enabling you to achieve true strength for life.’ “

Nicholas Perricone, M.D., F.A.C.N., New York Times bestselling author of The Perricone Weight-Loss Diet

“Shawn Phillips is the epitome of form following function. There is no need to suffer through exercise when you hack away the inessentials and focus on what really matters: strength.”

Timothy Ferriss, author of the #1 NY Times bestseller, The 4-Hour Workweek

“Strength for Life is a significant contribution to the dharma of health, wellness and strength!”

Rick Voirin, Stagen Leadership Institute

“Strength for Life is truly fantastic! While I have been exposed to the finest in fitness programs/plans, this book feels like your talking directly to me, like we’re on a journey together. I am eager to share this masterwork with my clientele, radio listeners and friends and family. This is a book and a message that every single person will identify with and be inspired by.

“If this book doesn’t get you enjoying strength and energy, you’re a lost cause.”

Larry North, Fitness Expert/Author, Founder, Larry North Fitness Clubs, LarryNorth.com

“You know the expression “give me strength”? Well, Shawn does that for us! And what woman doesn’t need strength? We’re moms, executives, caretakers and family leaders, physical, emotional and spiritual strength is an absolute necessity to get us through our hectic daily routines. I particularly love that this is a regimen and that I can live on forever, no more searching for the next best fad. I predict that SFL will become the manual for healthy women and I’m proud to be one of the first to subscribe.”

Maxine Wolf, CEO & Publisher, KIWI Magazine

“In his new book, Strength for Life, Shawn has laid out a life-altering road map for each of us as an individual and, as importantly, for us as a country, to allow us to take command of our lives. Strength for Life is not just about body transformation, rather it is about life transformation do you want more energy, do you want more strength, do you want to really feel good? If the answer is yes, don’t just read Strength for Life, give it to those you love.”

Kelly Perdew, Author of Take Command: 10 Leadership Principles I Learned in the Military and Put to Work for Donald Trump

“In one book, Shawn Phillips gives you the inspiration and education for transforming your body and your life. Strength for Life will provide for you the road map to reach your highest goals and realize your full potential.”

James Rouse, ND, Founder, Optimum Wellness

“For 30 years I’ve exercised because I was supposed to, because I liked what it did for me. Not until Strength for Life did I discover that I could love the process, not just the result. Now, getting and staying in shape is effortless for it’s truly enjoyable.”

Joe Polish, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder, The Genius Network

“In the years since our first transformation, and sharing it will so many other people, we’ve discovered that transformation success required you discover a lot of truths, tricks and trades on your own or from another person who has succeeded. Now, with Strength for Life all the secrets are out and your probability of success in transforming your body just increased by at least 500%!”

Tom & Bridgette Trujillo, Body-for-LIFE Challenge Winners, 1st Champion Couples

“Where most fitness programs are limited to focusing on aestheticslooksin Strength for Life you will build strength at the core, for true and lasting transformation. As an expert in self-defense and former Navy SEAL Strength for Life is the only fitness guide that I’ve found that will show you how to access your true and full strengthStrength for Life gives you the power to reach our full potential that few ever discover in this life.”

Tim Larkin, Self Defense Expert/Trainer, Creator of Target-Focus-Training

“After going through Strength for Life I see how all previous 12 week Transformation programs set people up for failure. This book showed me how to avoid the pitfalls and come through a newer, stronger, better and happier me.”

Tom Terwilliger, Expert Personal Trainer, Speaker/Trainer at Peak Potentials, Owner Terwilliger Fitness

“I picked this book up I could not set it down! You nailed it! Millions of people have been waiting for this message, every word in this book is thoughtful, and laser-like accurate. Week 13 and Beyond is genius! It will resolve the burn out and eventual failure of millions of people. Now everyone will know how to get strong and STAY strong!

“The program is deep, transcendent and at the same time wonderfully simple without being simplistic. It’s a program you can benefit from after 25 years of training or 25 minutes. I’m confident it will change millions of lives.”

Keri Davies Director, Body-for-Life Challenge,1999 2006

“This is the book that no diet book author wants you to read. Shawn shows you a foolproof, sound and easy way to end dieting and begin a lifetime of nutritional freedom, today.”

Mia Finnegan, Ms. Fitness Olympia, Wife and Mother of 3

“I have yet to read a book that so eloquently ties the physical, social, spiritual & emotional components of our lives to the principle of “strength” that we all yearn for. It’s one thing to talk about strength; it’s another to redefine its meaning and take what most of us “think” we know to another level. You really have provided a blueprint for achieving true physical & mental strength and the benefits that can be expected for such living.”

Brian Standage

“Strength for Life is a UNIQUE and STRONG offering. I think it’s going to do well and I may keep a few on hand to sell or give to clients. You are definitely raising the bar (and awareness) in the fitness space.

Patrick D. Goonan, Personal and Professional Coach, meaningful-life.us