12WKC – Week 9

Welcome to Week 9 of Strength for YOUR Life!

StairsAnyone else freaking out? What? 9??? Are you kidding!

It screams to the importance of each day, one day, day by day.

I spent the weekend, as a birthday present to myself, re-grounding with Ground-Zero for Muscle, Venice Beach. It was a good time. Going back to GOLD’s and just experiencing it is a really quite something, even if you’ve no history there.

I also spent time with my freind, and fellow 40-something Strong Man, Mike Ryan. Mike’s Strength practice, his lifestyle, reminded me of a lot of truths about what it means, matters and takes to be in great shape–to stay in great shape–to live strong.

I look forward to sharing those on some calls and perhaps posts this week. I’ve also got a call planned with Mike where we’re going to talk about the “what” he does and “how” he does it.

About Our Weekly Webinar

Look for your webinar announcement as it will be tomorrow, noon. I need today to collect the life.

For today, I’m sharing this special, member-only insider talk on Supplements with Will Brink.

Will does, as Will does and just gets to the facts, What works, what doesn’t. He talks about stuff he uses, that all should use. The Obvious, the true… Whey proteins, Omega’s, Creatine.. he shares his take on one of the most popular fat loss supplements, CLA (This is very interesting and well stated).

This show is under the Kryptonite Brand but has never been released Live, on air. It’s a special limited access show.

Week 9 Module : Supplements P.2 and QnA

I’m posting it to Youtube because it came out in some HUGE format… way too big. Not sure why. Never happened before.