12WKC – Week 6

Welcome to Day #1 of Week #6

I share that and think, “Really?!!” But, we are where we are. And when I say, Day #1, I mean it for it’s always DAY 1 and ONE is all we ever have.

One good day, one great workout, one perfect meal, one proud recovery. One, One, One… It’s no more, no less.

I learned some great things today on the Module 6 Webinar. Follow-thru, form, function… I love the idea of the quarters. I’ll share how it goes but let’s do it. If you put 40 quarters in, 20 for Strength and 20 for Cardio, you’d cover it.

Team Call: Last Weeks Team Call Replay Here

Given we had a LOT of content last week, I put last weeks TEAM CALL on here, week 6.

Click Here to Open the Call in From Last Weeks (WEEK 5) Call

Module 6: The Shape of Your LIFE

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Friday Learning Event with John Dupuy of iAwake Technologies

Here is a link to the replay of Friday afternoon’s Learning Event with John Dupuy, MA.

John talked at length about his challenges with depression, the loss of his brother to depression and how he healed himself through the use of “brain entrainment” meditation technology and a solid physical practice including using F.I.T., Focus Intensity Training.

Many of you have–as in own–NeuroStrength, the mind-technology for Strength training which I am involved with. And spoke very highly of it. I’m going to share it with those who do not. As well as see if I can arrange an insider price on the PMP 3.0, for those who want to go big.

This is mostly audio, so you don’t need to watch but you can. Listening is enough.