12WKC – Week 5

Welcome to WEEK #5 of Your Transformation

What’s in store for the week?
First, are you getting your training in, strong?
Are you doing the eating… eating the way you know how to?

Have We Talked?

If you and I need to talk, please sign up here on the Forum. Make sure to choose mornings or afternoons and if you have a time that is preferred share that.

Talking Low-T with Dr. Lee

My friend, Dr. Jonathon Lee, stops in to talk about a man’s T, what to do, how it feels, the moral issues, and much more. He addressed many of the questions many of our members have had, including, “How do I get my Dr. on my side?”

Please take the time to listen to this important information to help you choose you best course of action of you.


How to Stop Efforting and Get More of What You Want, and Want More of What you Get

This is a special dialogue with an evolving men’s mentor and once a rabid success seeker and CEO…About the image? It has nothing to do with the talk but given I wanted you to listen to this and didn’t have a photo with Brenton, here you go! Enjoy!

>>> Download the MP3 Here


Module 5: Mastering Motivation