12WKC – Week 3

Week 3 | Full Transformation Week 1

Welcome to the first FULL GO week of your Transformation (aka Journey to Full Strength).

I’ve talked with many of you about what precise structure of training you are going to follow. Some are going to give Old-School (from John Rowley and Steve Holman) a shot for 4 weeks, then reflect. Most are set on engaging the elegantly simple and effective Strength for LIFE protocol—some with modifications to fit other training needs.

But… the most important thing is NOT the sets & reps you choose. It’s not about a complex, strategic program with a magical number of reps. It’s about you, about bringing it, about doing it. About committing to whatever you choose with all your heart and head.

Whatever your choice, be clear you are going to both Strength train and do consistent cardio. I like to look at the requirements for the week, each week, like “units.” As if each were on a “playing card” and you have just these 6 cards to play every week.

3-Strength Units: Push, Pull and Legs

2-3 Cardio units: HIIT or ….___

1 Full Body workout or a body weight training day.


The Classic PUSH Workout!

This is seriously no more than 33-35 focused, intense, charged minutes. No fooling around, wasting time. Get’er done!


This Weeks Feature Module #3:

FIT: Focus Intensity Training (The ZEN of STRENGTH)

  • Synchronizing body , mind , spirit
  • More results, less time
  • Creating Flow vs. Praying for Focus
  • More Intensity Every Rep, Every Time
  • and more….

Module 3: The ZEN of Strength Replay

I have to say I miss this recording not having my On Screen video… I have to resolve this. I’d like the replay to show me too.

I also enjoy a cleaning audio… the visual is fine but the audio is cleaner when I use my own recording… so, learning.

But the info is strong so enjoy!