12WKC – Week 1

“The Transformation” Week 1 | Day 1-7

Here’s the basic Google Calendar where I’ve put the timeline, workout plans, etc.

Note, it is brighter and more colorful on the actual Google link but not sure how to link you there yet.

Dowload ReBOOT Rules and Lists
Download the 5 ReBOOT Rules

Download the 5 ReBOOT Rules

The key during this phase is not what you eat but what you don’t eat.



The exception to the ReBOOT is for the minority of you who are seeking to gain weight, specially some lean muscle. The act of gaining does not require the same re-balancing of insulin levels. I’d like to see what you’re eating, what nutrition an supplements you’re taking.

For gaining we are going to focus on minimal cardio, strength training intensity over volume and quality calories–as supplements.

Defining A (Physical) Challenge Goal

I invite each of you (yes, this means you) to come up with a physical achievement goal, in addition to the specific “after” goals we will set. When I say “achievement goal,” I mean like climbing a mountain, competing in a race… something that will compel yourself to propel yourself physically.

The fact is that the body (form) follows function better than it fallows exercise alone. When you have something you want to do and your body need change to get there, it most often does just that.

Tracking Forms

Here are some of the basic forms to follow a very simple, efficient and effective workout. It works, believe me. Below, in these forms, you need not worry about the Basecamp training form, for we’re moving right into more intensive training.

Base Camp Nutrition Factor ReBOOT Food ListReboot-Food-Listi
MondayChest, Shoulders,Triceps, Biceps TuesdayHIIT, Abs WednesdayQuads, Hamstrings, Calves
ThursdayBack, Rear Delts,Triceps/Biceps FridayHIIT, Abs SaturdayTotal Body

Module 1 : ReBOOT Webinar