Is Avocado Pit A Natural Testosterone Booster in Young Men?

This question arrived via text this past weekend from my VIP friend. He’s a good guy. Smart and fit. Always seeking to help others.


“Shawn…What do you recommend for a natural testosterone booster for a 23 year old guy. Athletic, fast metabolism, trying to put on size. 5’9″, 160 (lbs) wants to get to 175.”


Here’s the deal…

  • Have him take avocado pits…3-4 of them and blend them into paste in blender. It takes a strong blender but that’s another story.
  • Keep this paste in fridge.
  • Each night just before bed have him rub a tablespoon of this pit-paste on his balls. (Yes, rub it)
  • Then… when he gets in the morning, eat a massive breakfast. I’m talking like 6 Whole eggs, 2-cups of Oatmeal,
  • Eat 4 huge meals a day with protein, robust carbs and fats.
  • Shoot for over 5,000 calories a day.
  • Eat ample fat carbs protein in about a 33%/33%/33% balance. Just eat.
  • Train heavy and brief 3 days a week. Aim for strength. Get strong!
  • Minimal cardio. Sprints . HIIT if he must but less is good.
  • Take creatine monohydrate. Use protein between meals.
  • Use casein protein before bed; 30 grams.

This is my advice to him.

The avocado paste on his balls will do nothing ergogenic-ally but it will serve as a potent reminder to follow the protocol; eat big, train hard. For if he’s going to rub his balls with pit-paste every night he best be strong and big!

Fact is, at that age nothing is more anabolic than robust food and strong training. Nothing.

Calories are vital. Too often “kids” of this age are trying to serve the master of the refined physique and to “get huge.” They want both. One follows. Get the muscle. Then get the refinement later. That’s how it works.

That said, if he absolutely needs to waste $100 or more a month on a completely ineffective, scientifically false T-booster product have him pay you in cash and we’ll give him a pretty bottle of placebo pills.

Boosting T in the Over 40 Man

As I’ve shared many times, Low-T in men in the middle is–above all else–an issue of lifestyle. I believe men suffer from LIHS: Lifestyle Induced Hormone Suppression. There are 8 specific lifestyle factors that combine, and compound, to create the symptom of Low-T.  These include things like too much stress, too little sleep, too much sugar, too little intense training, and of course, environmental contaminants like the over 837 endocrine disruptors (ED’s) that men are exposed to.

The result of LIHS is, that even if you “supplement your testosterone” with HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), if you do not clean up your lifestyle, it’s pointless. For your T will drop again. You can’t out inject what’s bringing you down.

In support of this, recent research here shows that Shedding 15% bodyfat over 6 months with this very basic exercise protocol (without even the benefit of added muscle), boosted sex drive and dramatically elevated T levels. It really should be common sense. Yes, Viagra is the ultimate lipstick on a pig. Yes, you can force an erection but you damned belly is still in the way!

Enjoy the results of this study... Note 2x more Exercise had 5x impact on T!!

Enjoy the results of this study… Note 2x more Exercise had 5x impact on T!!

Read the Summary of the Study on Suppversity here <<==

Here’s to you… Younger, Stronger, Leaner… every day!

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