My Top 3 Most Foolish and Unhelpful Annual Fitness #Resolution Myths

fitness-resolutionIt’s that time of the year the every-day-fit people loathe. It’s the annual season of the get-fit resoluters. Like the salmon run meets black Friday, it’s fitness frothing chaos.

To better serve this annual run to fitness enter the media, flocking like bats to a mosquito feeding frenzy, with the same old pointless dribble of so-called “fitness tips” year after year.

Yeah, those.

Well, at my own peril I have been watching. And yes, you can rest easy. There’s nothing new.

Here are my votes for the top 3 most asinine, worthless, and damaging new years fitness myths. For this year and every one.

No. 1 : The super simple, easy, no time needed exercise tips

You know this one. The local trainer showing the news folks how to flex their quads or do dips on their desk chair. The idea is that this will how convince people getting fit is super, simple easy.exercise-anywhere

The problem is not only will this do nothing, there is no reason, no rhyme, no structure or commitment to do any of this. It’s just another way for people whom are not exercising regularly to buy into a belief that they can “turn it on” any minute.

It’s like adopting a diet strategy of eating 30% fewer Cheetos. Or like telling people the way to get more money is by going to an ATM.

The no time, no effort, no commitment model gets you exactly what you are expecting to put in. Nothing.

If you want change you must make the change—and that starts with effort and commitment. Do the thing you do not wish to do. Overcome the resistance that is keeping you from your achievement.

Show up at the gym where you have no choice but to train or look like a fool. Plan your schedule so that your fitness is on top of the schedule, not the bottom—the last thing.

This most absurd thing about this annual New Years nonsense is telling people who don’t know any better that they can get something out of nothing. They can get results without any real, tangible anything.

It is now as it always has been, a lie.

What most people don’t realize is that this is sort of “quick tip” is highly coveted and even masterminded by the media. They specifically want this sort of crap.

Hence, they offer the spotlight to the trainer whom will deliver them these little silly tips. The trainer, figuring the TV sure can’t hurt, end up looking like an ass and feeding the problem.

No. 2 : You got this. Just resolve to go.

Most every New Years fitness resolution relies on one thing: You!

2011-09-11_2137It’s all about your resolve. Your commitment. Your goals. Sure, maybe you get a book and you read it. Yet, rarely, if ever, do you see any conversation that involves getting some support.

Here’s the painful, honest truth: You tried it alone before. You’ve struggled. You will again. Nothing changes when it’s you alone, inside your head, having that same ol’ motivational talk with yourself.

We—you and I—we’re tribal beings. We will do more for others than we will ourselves (sans wonderful sociopaths, of course).

My advice: Join something. Enroll in a bootcamp or group fitness. Get a trainer or training partner. Join a community, a group, a tribe. Find people whom not only support you but whom you can support.

You don’t have to be the fitness expert to gain your own motivation from supporting the progress and success of others.

Above all, do not go it alone. Choosing a tribe that brings community and accountability may very well be the miracle you’ve been waiting the last dozen resolution seasons for.

Really want to make the change this time? Get connected. Get a partner, guide, leader. Become a source of support for others. Be accountable.

No. 3 : That 90% of all NY resolutions fail

Every year you see the same stories on the extremely high failure rate of New Years resolutions. As if there is really some data bank out there able to collect or track your results.find-tribe

I see various numbers reported but it’s usually in that 90% range—to make the dramatic point that: “Chances are you are gonna fail.”

Here’s the problem with this crap. First off, what everyone else does or doesn’t do is not about you. Yet, this message is sending a signal to people that they will fail and also setting up a way to let themselves off the hook.

The truth is, there is nothing extra-special about New Years when it comes to failure rate. We humans fail to follow through on most everything we start—at least a few times.

We get into school, then we realize we haven’t done the work come semester. Oops! We start a relationship gung-ho and slip back into our lazy, self centered life. We commit to tracking every expense and forget to the next week.


Failure to do it perfectly is the perfect path of the human being. It’s the nature of the journey that our commitment ebbs and flows. Success is not a straight line. Yet, in this New Year that we expect some miracles and beat ourselves up extra for not being perfect by the end of January.

Here’s the deal:

Start now because this is the time. See myths 1 and 2 above and commit and find a tribe. Then do your best and when you drift, pull yourself back. And when you drift again, come back.

Progress is in the act of returning your focus to your goals, over and over.. until it comes from inside you.

Set aggressive, inspiring but rational goals. Choose the simple changes that are the foundation and repeat them daily. Commit to making each day a 90%.

Note: The “all or nothing” approach to New Years “absolutism” is a major contributor to this experience of failure. We so often make a loud statement about our extreme intentions. And when we fail to give up “100% of all carbs” or whatever the your latest is, you quit altogether.

Baby steps. Small things. Lather, rinse, repeat day after day. That’s how you reach epic goals and create quantum change.

What’s yours Top of The Bottom List?

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  1. Tom Mentz January 3, 2016 at 11:26 am #

    This is probably all true. However if you can see past the every January 1st it happens, for some people, a little motivation can lead to big results. Each New Year brings a “feeling” of a fresh start, even though new starts cam happen in an instance. Good luck to all the people that grasp fitness.

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