“Strength is about being more, doing more, giving more. It’s not just surviving; it’s thriving. Most importantly, strength is about cultivating a reservoir, a deeper, fuller capacity of body, mind and heart.”

Longtime ambassador for personal transformation and fitness, Shawn Phillips is on a mission to spread a new standard of strength throughout America.

On his quest, Shawn has focused his considerable passion on transforming our country, with his steady, unwavering message: “health is not enough; it’s A Time for Strength.” Phillips asks each of us to aim beyond health, to aim for Strength.body of work body for life

Shawn, whose uncompromising commitment to strength and fitness, is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and renowned expert in the area of performance training and nutrition. For over twenty-five years he has helped hundreds of thousands of people including business leaders, professional athletes, numerous celebrities, clients and friends look great, feel great and unleash their full strength.

Instrumental in building the industry of performance nutrition, Shawn most recently created the Full Strength Premium Nutrition Shake, pioneering a brand new category known as “fast performance food”.

Shawn is also the creator of Focus Intensity Training, a system integrating body and mind; blending the depth of Eastern traditions with the Western form and function of strength training. He also has served as a faculty member of the Integral Institute, a leader in the field of human potential.

While known by many for his signature “six-pack abs,” his brilliant clarity and inspiring vision, Shawn, a Colorado native, is better known by his family, close friends and associates as a focused, hard-working man with a kind heart and an intense passion for helping people live extraordinary lives.
body for life and strength for life

He is currently forming the Coalition for Strength, a new non-profit organization dedicated to sharing and celebrating the benefits of living with strength to inspire people of all walks of life to build our collective strength by cultivating our individual strength.

Shawn is the author of Strength for Life strength for life and love of son(Ballantine Books an Imprint of Random House). In Strength for Life Shawn guides women and men beyond health to a new-level of strength with a revolutionary approach to nutrition and training. He is also the author of ABSolution: The Practical Guide To Building Your Best Abs.

Shawn currently rides his bikes around the foothills of Colorado or playing outside with his two children, Nathaniel and Lilly.

“The Philosopher of FIT” is a nickname given to Shawn by the men in his entrepreneurial forum in recognition of his vast breadth of depth of knowledge of subjects, especially in the space of mindfulness, personal growth, challenge and of physical and mental performance.

The word “philosophy” comes from the Ancient Greek (philosophia), which literally means “love of wisdom.” Shawn often says, “knowledge is interesting, wisdom useful; for wisdom is knowledge through to lens of experience.”