Umbrella Drinks and The Siren Song of Mediocrity

Life was on autopilot for Derek. Family, job, kids… Smooth seas ahead.

Then tragedy struck. Blindsided. Devastation.

Kevin was pushing hard, but doing all the right things when he was served.

His life forever changed.

Neither by their own choices but in part the product of their own actions.

The consequences of the decisions we make or don’t make are clear, in hindsight.

Time is indifferent. It does not wait on you.

Life happens. You respond.

And then one day, when most the days of life are behind, we see the twisted irony.

There really was nowhere you had to go. It wasn’t about racing to the end but being present in the journey.

“The whole point of the dancing is the dance.”

The daily busyness of life is endless. Awakened only by the occasional events, both good and bad.

Through the haze of regret, you come to see the power of choice.

There would be no clearly marked signs to a higher road—no break in the action of daily life that so fully occupies you.

Stepping out of the flow, which will look like a rut one day, takes courage.

It should not feel comfortable.

Growth is never preceded by the feeling of “ready.” Yet, you choose the road of your own making.

This fall, will you look back on your summer photos and think, wish I’d done something in advance.

Not to make the cover of Mens Health but to look like you might.

To feel more in control, on top of life. To enjoy a sense of achievement without saying a word, for your confidence radiates.

Look, mediocrity is waiting for us all with open arms.

It promises you comfort and woos you with umbrella drinks in the ease of a Lazy-boy in the sun.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Like the siren song, mediocrity is not your friend. It is the beginning of your end. The quicksand of success; the prologue to the last book of your life.

Fight. Do not go willingly into the dark night of decay.

Awaken from the slumbering zombie life—the ‘lather, rinse, repeat’ of the American tragedy.

Whatever you got away with in your 20’s is killing you in your 40’s.

With each passing year the gates you must navigate your health and vitality through narrow.

Ignoring your full strength at 24 was reckless. At 44 it’s negligent. At 54 it’s criminal.

I ask you… One year from now, how will you look back on this year?

As another year. One more in the books.

Or as the year that changed everything. Where you found that next level, let go of the habits that were draining you and kicked mediocrity to the curb.

The choice is yours.

Time is indifferent. It’ll count you out and keep counting.

Only YOU can stop the life draining fire of mediocrity.

If you have ever said, “maybe.” or “I should but when…” Allow me to save your life.

Now is that time. For NOW is the only time you have.

The illusion of a simpler future where there is space made for you is an illusion. By the time you find an empty day you it’ll be too late.

The 2017 Summer Challenge is Waiting for Your Best Self 

This is your last call. The wheels are moving. Will you….

To Your Full Strength LIFE,


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