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The Little Known Ancient Secret Fat-Releasing Power of H2O

Before I reveal this ancient fat-loss secret, I have a question for you. Yes, you’re fat-releasing water secret is coming but first I really need to know: Where Are You Getting Your Health & Fitness Advice? Consider how the good sense to drink sufficient water is shared by… Approach 1. A Fitness Coach / Trainer […]

The Tricky Use of Partial Science to Promote Supplements

As you surely know by now, it’s a tricky world out there when it comes to supplements. So many products, so many smiling faces, so many sorts of science. But here is an example of how tricky it really is. Hell, you like to think this is a quote about science and that the science […]

The 7 Best Kept Secret Benefits of Big Belly-Fat

Could It Be More Than Jell-O That The Big Belly is a Bowl Full of Mojo? Belly-fat has become a badge of the middle-aged American man. Previously known as, “ gut,” credit a crafty marketer who decided to “friendly-a-fey” the condition with the all too popular, jolly term, “Belly Fat.” Yes. Belly fat. It’s enough […]

The Virtue of Exertion

Meditation isn’t the sitting yogi style, eyes closed, deep in stillness. Okay, it is but it isn’t exclusively. It’s really a state of presence, a quality of being-ness. It’s in the sitting as much as in the “chopping wood and carrying water.” As you may know, if you’ve read my books or been to an […]