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High School Physical Fitness 1962 versus Today

Yes, it was a different world in 1962. The height of the Cold War, on the brink of Vietnam when our young president, JFK, launched our first physical fitness movement with The Presidential Council on Physical Fitness and the related Challenge and Awards. If your childhood was enjoyed during the 60’s or early 70’s  you […]

Massive Herbal Supplement Scam? What’s Really Going On Here

It started in New York with attorney general investigating herbal supplement quality from several mass retailers including Target, GNC, Walgreens and Walmart. The New York Times wrote the first article on it and since it’s been picked up and sensationalized by several publications. I have to admit, my favorite headline (sarcasm) is in Salon, “Massive […]

In Search of the Perfect “Get Fit” Breakfast

What is The Perfect Breakfast? I receive this question from someone, at least weekly. Do you have an answer? Honestly, I hope not. Why? As you likely discovered yourself if you tried to answer it, this is a incomplete question. It’s sort of like walking up a stranger in the street and asking, “Should I?” […]


You too may have had your email inbox flooded with news about The ONE DAY DIET. ONE DAY DIET? Really. Might that fall right into the “too good” category? Well…in a word, NO. When I made one of my flippant comments about the nonsense on Facebook, someone said, “Oh, how we wish it were true.” […]