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Fitness To The 4th Dimension

Most fitness and transformation programs fail, right where they begin; on the ground floor: Your body. In a moment you will understand why changing your body in search of sustainable fitness—a lifestyle—is like putting your hand in a bucket of water; pulling it out, and expecting a hole to remain. Fitness seems very much like […]

The Best Thing About Eating Great is…

The best thing about eating great is… FEELING GREAT! The better the food we eat the better we look and fee…  And the better the food we eat. Eating well is self reinforcing. Except, when it’s not. When it’s not, it’s not because the food is wrong or your body is wrong. It’s because you […]

The Little Known Ancient Secret Fat-Releasing Power of H2O

Before I reveal this ancient fat-loss secret, I have a question for you. Yes, you’re fat-releasing water secret is coming but first I really need to know: Where Are You Getting Your Health & Fitness Advice? Consider how the good sense to drink sufficient water is shared by… Approach 1. A Fitness Coach / Trainer […]

Essential Life Wisdom For Your 20 Year-Old Self

What ONE wisdom gem would you drop on your 20 year old self, if you could travel back and offer this one guiding pearl of wisdom? That, essentially, was the assignment. And I want to thank everyone of you whom embraced it and cared enough to share your thoughts with me. It was a richer […]