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The Excruciating Ecstasy of Hammering: 14 Reasons Why I LOVE Cycling

This has been an interesting summer. As my rock-star coach, Colin, once told me; “Interesting, is a word we use when we don’t want to say what we really mean.” That may be true. I’d rather not say. Let’s just say, for a myriad of reasons I’ve felt either apathetic or depressed. Hard to say […]

What Lance Armstrong Can Teach You About Fighting Fat

13 days removed from a then, 7th Tour De France victory, years before his gruesome fall from grace, on the patio of his Austin ranch; Lance and I talked about his future. This man who’d inspired millions in the battle against cancer was searching for a life after the bike. “The fight against cancer has […]

High School Physical Fitness 1962 versus Today

Yes, it was a different world in 1962. The height of the Cold War, on the brink of Vietnam when our young president, JFK, launched our first physical fitness movement with The Presidential Council on Physical Fitness and the related Challenge and Awards. If your childhood was enjoyed during the 60’s or early 70’s  you […]

How to Avoid Suffering and Enjoy Every Moment of Your LIFE

Damn… that’s it! Screw the suffering stuff. Let’s you and me get us some joy and happiness… and a side of blueberry pancakes to go with it! Right? “The irony here is rich—for nothing ensures a life of suffering more than the desire to avoid it. For suffering isn’t real—it’s a label we give to […]