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Is Avocado Pit A Natural Testosterone Booster in Young Men?

This question arrived via text this past weekend from my VIP friend. He’s a good guy. Smart and fit. Always seeking to help others. Answer: Here’s the deal… Have him take avocado pits…3-4 of them and blend them into paste in blender. It takes a strong blender but that’s another story. Keep this paste in […]

The Excruciating Ecstasy of Hammering: 14 Reasons Why I LOVE Cycling

This has been an interesting summer. As my rock-star coach, Colin, once told me; “Interesting, is a word we use when we don’t want to say what we really mean.” That may be true. I’d rather not say. Let’s just say, for a myriad of reasons I’ve felt either apathetic or depressed. Hard to say […]

The 7 Best Kept Secret Benefits of Big Belly-Fat

Could It Be More Than Jell-O That The Big Belly is a Bowl Full of Mojo? Belly-fat has become a badge of the middle-aged American man. Previously known as, “ gut,” credit a crafty marketer who decided to “friendly-a-fey” the condition with the all too popular, jolly term, “Belly Fat.” Yes. Belly fat. It’s enough […]

2 Minutes of Sprint Interval Training Burns More Body Fat Than 30 Minutes of Steady Cardio

How can it be that 2 short, intense minutes would burn more bodyfat than 30 minutes of continues cardio? One word: Metabolism. The magic of letting your body do the work for you. At least that’s what the researchers of this study concluded. It’s really nothing totally revolutionary as HIIT has been around for many […]